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10th Jul 2017

Apparently Americans don’t have egg cups and it’s confusing/enraging British people

How... how do they eat boiled eggs? With their hands?

Rich Cooper

The differences between the United Kingdom and United States are often vast, frequently interesting and often perplexing.

For Americans, guns and baseball are a way of life. For Britons, it’s tea, scones and fighting in pubs. In America, you can drive for hours and never see another living soul. In Britain, you’re lucky if you can turn a corner without running into someone you went to school with and very dearly hoped you’d never see again.

We share a culture with the United States, but we are also divided by it. We have our way of doing things, they have theirs. We eat with the fork in our left hand and the knife in our right. They wrap all of their food in the Stars and Stripes, lather the parcel in hog fat and launch it out of a cannon into space.

One perhaps surprising culinary difference between our two nations has recently come to light: apparently Americans don’t have egg cups, as revealed by Twitter user @innesmck.

If you’re an American and are wondering what the heck these darn egg cups are all about, here is an example of one in action.

This is what we call ‘Egg and Soliders’ or ‘Dippy Egg’. It’s a soft-boiled egg with strips of toasted bread (the aforementioned Soldiers) which are dunked in the runny egg. The egg cup holds the egg in place so you can dip your toast without scalding your hands on the hot egg or getting yolk everywhere.

But it seems that this is not a thing in America, or at least not a very widely known thing, as the replies to @innesmck’s tweet suggest.

Some confirmed that yes, egg cups are foreign to American minds.

Others claimed the contrary.

Further light was shone on the matter.

In general, people just couldn’t believe it.

And then people started listing other things Americans don’t have/do.

It’s a strange old world, but at least we’ve got egg cups in ours.