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24th Mar 2015

Amateur boxing match descends into chaos as crowd goes wild

‘I don’t think it was related to the boxing’ said the organiser...


These are not pictures from a post-pub riot or MPs in the Ukrainian Parliament: No, these are the incredible scenes when the crowd at an amateur boxing competition in Kent turned up their hooliganism to ’11’ and trashed a school gym.

Grown men who absolutely should know better were watching a bout organised by a local boxing club in Maidstone when something obviously riled them – prompting this violent spree at the New Line Learning Academy.


When the police arrive, the berserkers had vanished leaving behind them chaos and confusion. Officers are reviewing CCTV to identify those involved.


The school – who say the event was only hosted and not endorsed by them- and the boxing club believe these morons only arrived to cause trouble and weren’t there as legit spectators.