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21st May 2018

Aldi is releasing a bouncy castle and it’s DEFINITELY NOT suitable for adults

It's a decent price, despite inflation


It’s a decent price, despite inflation

Aldi, a hero amongst other supermarkets with equally decent products, has just saved summer 2018 and we haven’t even reached the end of May yet.

Their latest product means that six and a half feet of bouncing ecstasy can be yours for the handsome price of £69.99 (nice).

Live out your childhood dream of owning a bouncy castle with this incredible offer. Remember the time you begged your parents for a bouncy castle birthday party? Remember when they finally caved and got you one? Remember how it rained the entire day and no one could go for a bounce because it was simply too wet and slippy? Remember how the bouncy castle people promised that they’d give you a good discount the next time you ordered one despite still charging your parents £100 for what was essentially a lend of an ornamental bouncy castle for six hours? Remember when your parents got a divorce and promised that it wasn’t your fault, but deep down you felt your selfish bouncy castle obsession may have caused their money troubles which ultimately led to the breakdown of their marriage?

What else is included for this admittedly very nice price, you ask? My friend, we’re talking an air pump, safety stakes, carrier bag and even a repair kit for when your local cowboy forgets to take his spurs off before he enters The Bounce Zone™.

You can fix everything with Aldi’s slick new 200 x 200 x 160cm combination polyester and laminated PVC bouncy castle. It’s the perfect addition to any garden this summer. In fact, I’ve heard that this bouncy castle even comes with a 1 year warranty. So if your parents don’t get back together within one year of your buying this, you’ll get your money back.

You can preorder the bouncy castle here, and it officially goes on sale Sunday 27th May.

Happy bouncing!