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11th Aug 2015

A woman wore a Fitbit monitor during sex – and here’s the graph…


We live in an age where virtually everything is monitored and subjected to some form of analysis.

You didn’t just walk to the shops to get the paper – you took 156 steps on your way there, shed 100 calories and reached an elevation of 56 feet. You get the picture.

But some things really shouldn’t be subject to rigorous analysis – sex being one of them.

Try telling that to this woman, though who wore a Fitbit tracker to chart her and her partner’s ‘performance’ during sex.

She subsequently posted the graph below – which included some very detailed and graphic descriptions at various intervals.


Pic via Reddit/dataisbeautiful

More than 600,000 people have since seen the graph, which details that the woman and her partner went at it for eight minutes.

We doubt they would have shared it were it only 60 seconds…