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22nd Feb 2016

A very good excuse for anyone who wants to give up on giving up chocolate for lent

Conor Heneghan

We wouldn’t usually encourage such behaviour but science told us so.

We’re nearly two weeks into Lent at this stage and for chocolate lovers giving up the good stuff, the struggle is very real indeed.

Those of you who can’t take it any more and just want to give up now have just been provided with a great excuse to do so, from a medical journal, no less.

That’s right, according to research published in a journal aptly named Appetite, habitual chocolate consumption is positively associated with cognitive performance. Or in layman’s terms, chocolate is good for your brain, stupid.


Medical Daily reports that participants in a study were given a series of tests to measure for mental status and it was found that chocolate consumption was positive associated with cognitive performance “irrespective of other dietary habits”.

You can read the more intricate details of the study here, but the research was unable to determine what type of chocolate improves cognitive performance, nor was it able to determine how much one should eat in order to get things working upstairs.

No need to get too bogged down in data; all you need to know is that eating chocolate makes brain function good.

Are you still going to last until Easter Sunday?