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05th Jul 2016

This sloth has somehow managed to justify the existence of selfie sticks

Slothie game strong

Matt Tate

We’ve been under the impression for a long time that selfie sticks are objectively bad inventions that should have been retired in 2015.

Obviously having that extra distance between you and the camera lens makes it easier to keep your arm out of shot, but when you’re forced to approach every busy high street like an obstacle course to avoid an excitable tourist clonking you on the head, the aforementioned privilege doesn’t seem worth it.

But if one thing was going to save the reputation of the controversial selfie stick, it was going to be a selfie with a sloth.

The selfie, or slothie, was uploaded to Imgur by Nicolas Huskar and already has nearly two million views. It’s a pretty exceptional photo, and could never have been achieved without the use of a faithful metal rod.

Sloths are notoriously shy creatures so it’s rare to see one pop out of its tree hideout for a picture – let alone look as though it’s having the best day of its life.

Bravo Mr Sloth. You have single-handedly managed to justify the existence of the world’s most irritating gadget.