A man and his partner have made it their mission to review every coleslaw for the benefit of the internet 5 years ago

A man and his partner have made it their mission to review every coleslaw for the benefit of the internet

Coleslaw doesn't get as much love as it probably deserves.

It's a side dish that goes well with most cuisines and very often improves the meal as a whole. But that versatility is a blessing as well as a curse. It's extremely rare that the humble coleslaw takes centre stage.


Until now.

According to a Reddit post, a guy's "Dad's friend" has set up his very own reviews page dedicated entirely to the creamy stuff.

The post read: "My Dad's friend started reviewing coleslaw from local eateries spanning KFC to the regional hospital cafe. He's dead serious."

And you only need to take one look at the Facebook page in question to confirm the above.


To ensure that kitchens don't think they can just get away with shoddy 'slaw, their mission statement is to "provide a way for world to share their love and reviews of coleslaw", and they base their scores on the following criteria:


1. Liquid content

2. Size of veggies

3. Taste

4. Texture

5. Presentation


6. Vinegary

7. Overall results

It's pretty obvious that Ed and his girlfriend Lisa, who run the page, are not alone in thinking there's a lack of coleslaw criticism on the internet, as the 50 likes it had on April 24 has quickly shot up to over 8,000 at the time of writing.

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Ed told Metro that in all of their reviews so far, "KFC is leading the pack" - 1 0 to the Colonel. Although it should be noted that he did take a swipe at the fast food chain's cheap bowl being a presentation limitation.

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Fellow coleslaw aficionados are fully encouraged to submit their own reviews, so if you've had a good, or bad experience, it's your duty to spread the word immediately.

Featured image credit: David Pursehouse/via Flickr