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21st May 2019

The Sims 4 is now free, if you want to build your dream life/ torture some sims

Wil Jones

You have until May 28th to get it

How you played The Sims says a lot about you and your personality. Did you want to build the home you’ve always wanted, slowly seduced by capitalism’s allure, chasing that next, more expensive sofa or lamp, that you just knew would finally bring your sims happiness?

Or did you concentrate on the relationships, cultivating social harmony between your digital subjects?

Or where you, like me, first drawn to torture your sims, have them drown in the pool, get trapped in a blaze, or most sadistic of all, lock them in a room without a toilet?

If all this brings memories flooding back, then we have good news – EA has made The Sims 4 available absolutely free, on both Mac and PC, for a limited time.

You just need to go to the Origin store before May 28th.


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