The release date for Pokemon Sword and Shield has been announced 3 years ago

The release date for Pokemon Sword and Shield has been announced

We have new Pokemon to complain aren't as good as Bulbasaur, Charmander and Squirtle

The release date for the forthcoming core RPG Pokemon games Sword and Shield has been announced by Nintendo as 15 November of this year.


The games - which are part of the series eighth generation - will be available to buy individually, for around £50, or as part of a pack of the two combined.

It will notably be the first game in the core franchise to be released on a home console after the Nintendo Switch merged the company's handheld and home console strands.

The games will also introduce a new battle system called 'Dynamax' which turns the Pokemon huge, blowing the whole 'pocket monster' thing wide open.


In travel between cities is when the title looks like it will really come together, though, with the open world landscapes reminiscent of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.

Although, sadly, we won't get to see Pallet Town recreated in stunning 3D as it set in an entirely new region, complete with all-new Pokemon, along with favourites like Tyranitar, Lucario and Pikachu.

Watch footage of the game here:


But if you cba with the new creatures read our definitive ranking all 151 original Pokémon from worst to best here.