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20th Sep 2018

Nintendo may have just hinted that a N64 Classic console is coming soon

Wil Jones


Ever the innovator, Nintendo have had incredible success with their NES and SNES Classics units – cute little mini recreations of their iconic consoles, pre-loaded with a load of classic games ready to play, and the right cables to hook it up to modern TVs.

The concept has been so successful, that Sony have straight-up copied it and announced a PlayStation Classic, coming in time for Christmas.

What do we want next? Well, obviously a Sega Dreamcast Classic, complete with Shenmue, Jet Set Radio and Space Channel 5. But sadly, it doesn’t seem like the world is ready for that.

Second choice though? Definitely an N64 Classic. And it looks like one might be on its way. Possibly.

A report on Business Insider points to a recent European trademark filing from Nintendo, that is the outline of the N64 controller. Have a look:

What does that mean, we hear you ask? Well, on the packaging of both the SNES and NES Classics, a similar outline of the controllers of those console is printed, suggesting this could be a logo for an N64 Classic. There also aren’t many other N64-related things that we can imagine Nintendo might be planning, so it would be a reasonable guess to think this is for the next console in the Classic range.

So hurry Nintendo, and give it to us. We want Mario 64. And GoldenEye. And Mario Kart. And The Ocarina of Time. Now.