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27th Nov 2020

FIFA 21 is just £30 in the Tesco Black Friday sales

Now that's a bargain

Rich Cooper

FIFA 21 promotional image featuring Kylian Mbappe

Now that, my friends, is a bargain

You can get the new FIFA 21 on PlayStation4 for the low, low price of £30 in the Tesco Black Friday sales.

If you haven’t splashed out on the latest instalment in EA’s dominating football game (sorry PES, we know you mean well), then you can nab yourself a serious bargain.

FIFA 21, which has only been out for a short while, usually retails at £49.95, but you can save yourself a whopping £19.95 if you buy through Tesco, but be quick as the offer is only valid until Dec 1.

Get FIFA 21 from Tesco here.

It should be noted that this is only on PlayStation 4, so apologies to Xbox fans or anyone hoping to get FIFA on PlayStation 5 a little earlier, as the game is not due to launch on PS5 until December 4.

Tesco have a couple of other interesting titles going cheap in the Black Friday sale, most notably Star Wars: Squadron, going for £20 on both Xbox and PlayStation 4. You can also pick up Watch Dogs: Legion for £38 – not that much of a bargain – and and Crash Bandicoot 4: It’s About Time for £35, both on PlayStation 4.

There are no major changes between FIFA 21 and its predecessor, but small tweaks and improvements make for a generally more satisfying game.

In JOE’s review of the game, Reuben Pinder noted the greatly improved off-ball runs.

“In past versions of the game, it was easy to grow frustrated with the lack of intelligent movement from supposedly intelligent players, who seemingly preferred to run in straight lines into offside positions.

“Not anymore. You feel more rewarded for your creativity. You can both see and execute the pass thanks to the improved running, and thus create more goalscoring opportunities.

“Aside from that, there is a much more fluid feel to the mechanics of the dribbling and one on one defending.

“Every year this aspect seems to get more and more fluid, and you wonder just how realistic they can make it before it becomes physically impossible and Paul Pogba jumps out the TV screen to dab in front of you, but they keep finding new ways.”