Noted West Ham fan Triple H urges Declan Rice to stay at the club 9 months ago

Noted West Ham fan Triple H urges Declan Rice to stay at the club

West Ham United have some notable famous fans: Ray Winstone. Danny Dyer. Russell Brand.

And of course, WWE Superstar Triple H.


Yeah, really. We're not really sure how it happened, but The Game has long been vocal about supporting The Hammers.

Anyway, Triple H has been doing interviews this week to hype up the return of NXT UK, and he got asked about West Ham, and Declan Rice in particular. The 21-year-old star has been strongly linked with a move across London to Chelsea. But Triple H really does not want Rice to leave his beloved Irons.

So much so, that he delivered this stirring promo urging Rice to remain at West Ham.


"To not just succeed but to succeed on your terms," raged Trips over video call.

"Build your franchise. Build your legacy. To become something more, to become the one and only, to become the first Declan Rice. Build your legacy. Build your franchise. Stay with the people that brought you to the dance, stay with West Ham, and become the hero."

"Become the champion. Become everything that they all know that Declan Rice can be."

It's not the first time Triple H has delivered a well-intentioned if slightly wonky inspirational speech to The Hammers. Back in 2017, he tried to hype up the players ahead of their season opener against Manchester United, and ended up plugging SummerSlam.


Earlier this week, Triple H also commented on Arsenal coming out to his entrance music at the Emirates.

"What better thing for Arsenal to have blaring over a loud-speaker system than Lemmy of Motorhead screaming 'Time to play the game'? There's nothing better than that," he said, giving the Gunners his blessing to use the music.


"All they have to do at that point is to go out and back it up. Any time you can connect that fanbase to me it's a great opportunity for everybody, and I'm thrilled."

"Thank you for doing it, and just make sure you win when you play my music. That's all."