You can now buy a massive jar of Percy Pigs from Marks & Spencer for just £15 7 months ago

You can now buy a massive jar of Percy Pigs from Marks & Spencer for just £15

Percy Pigs are a god-tier sweet, and now they're available in bulk, baby!

Marks & Spencer have launched a massive 1kg jar of Percy Pigs. Launched it through the air and into our mouths. Alas, no. But the Percy Pigs jar is available to buy in shops, which is much more civilised.


Get a load of the massive bowl of glory below.

Previously, if you wanted a kilogram of Percy Pigs - and who wouldn't want that - you'd have to buy six individual packets at 170kg each.

A pack of regular Percy Pigs is about £2, so buying a jar of them is actually not the most cost-effective way of acquiring many Percy Pigs. However it would make a fabulous gift for the Percy Pig fans in your life, which is, let's be honest, most people.

Percy Pig launched in 1992, and has become an iconic part of Britain's culinary culture.

Once a simple pig-shaped sweet, the popularity of Percy Pigs has given life to a whole range of Percy-themed products. You can get Percy Pig ice cream, Percy Pig dessert sauces, Percy Pig biscuits, Percy Pig juice. If you can think of it, there's probably a Percy Pig version of it.


But for us, the humble original Percy Pig sweet will always be king. And now we will only be consuming it in one kilogram quantities. In one sitting. No, you can't have any.