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24th Jan 2020

What biscuits last the longest in a cup of tea?

Rich Cooper

Britons and biscuits: a match made in heaven

The only thing that goes together better than Britons and biscuits is Britons and begrudgery, Britons and suspicion of the unknown, Britons and an unspoken uneasiness of things from foreign climes, and, well Britons and tea.

You cannot dunk biscuits in suspicion of the unknown though so, really, what better thing to combine biscuits with than a hot cup of tea? Nothing, that’s what.

When you’re settling down to enjoy a cup of tea with a biscuit, what thoughts enter your mind? What influences your thinking on the topic? Do you go for what’s in the cupboard, or do you go to the shop with the express idea of what to dunk?

Before you answer, perhaps watch the video below to give you an indication of what really works best. With our best scientific hats on, we bought a shit load of biscuits and dunked them in tea to see which retained their shape without breaking the longest.

We did it all in the public interest, and below are the results.