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21st Mar 2023

Wetherspoons forced to overhaul breakfast menu

Jack Peat

Wetherspoons breakfast change

Wetherspoons has been forced to make changes to its much-loved breakfast menu due to supply shortages.

The pub chain has announced it will no longer be serving tomatoes with its breakfast fry-ups amid nationwide shortages.

Before the shortage, the bargain £6.88 breakfast meal included two sausages, two bacon, two fried eggs, a large mushroom slice, a tomato, three hash browns, baked beans and four half slices of toast.

But now the tomato has vanished from the meal.

Pub-goers are also unable to add grilled tomatoes as an extra with the item listed as ‘out of stock’.

A notice at pubs reads: “There is a national supply issue affecting tomato and cucumber in some pubs.

“This means that some menu dishes, such as breakfasts, burgers and steaks will be served without tomato.”

It added that salads which accompany meals – such as lasagnas and jacket potatoes – will also be lacking in tomato.

Earlier this year Wetherspoons –  headed up by ardent Brexiteer Tim Martin – was forced to source its eggs from Europe due to supply chain issues.

Notices posted in numerous pubs inform customers that, due to a national egg shortage, eggs will be sourced “temporarily from free-range hens reared in Europe”.

Customers have also been noticing signs popping up informing them of the lack of other produce at restaurants around the country.

One customer found a note at The Standing Order in Edinburgh, while another has been seen some 450 miles away that read: “Because of a short-term supply issue with our usual hash browns, we are sourcing a temporary substitute which the manufacturers has stated may contain milk.

“These are not suitable, therefore, for a vegan-based diet or anyone with a milk allergy /intolerance.”

The same sign was also spotted at The Red Lion pub at Gatwick Airport.

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