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24th Nov 2022

Realisation about Toblerone logo has left people mind blown and they can’t unsee it

Charlie Herbert

Toblerone logo

‘Hidden in full view for 60+ years to me’

Christmas is chocolate time, and no doubt there will be many people getting a familiar triangle of chocolate in their stocking this year.

Toblerones have become one of the most popular festive treats, but even the biggest fans of the Swiss treat may not have noticed this.

Of course, real fans will be too eager to rip into the packaging to get to the chocolate within, but next time take a look at that iconic mountain and you might notice something new.

For one Twitter user, it was her son who noticed the hidden feature within the logo.

“My son had his first Toblerone today,” she tweeted, before adding that he asked her, “What’s the bear for?”

“What bear?” replied Stephanie, before noting: “I was today years old when I found out there’s a bear on the Toblerone logo.”

The outline of a bear can be spotted within the Swiss brand’s mountain logo, but it’s apparently easily missed.

One man replied to Stephanie’s tweet saying: “71 years old, 50 Christmas’ of Toblerone and after a search of the package, I finally found the Bear! Your son is brilliant!”

“Wow,” wrote another. “Hidden in full view for 60+ years to me.”

“I’ve never spotted this. Your son will go far”, one Twitter user praised.

It’s not an accidental feature of the logo either. The chocolate is produced in the town of Bern, Switzerland, which is known as the ‘city of bears’.

As the Alpine region is characterised by its own species of bear alongside its rugged landscape, it makes sense that both would feature on the iconic chocolate’s logo.

The more you know.

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