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05th Nov 2020

Subway has added tiger bread to its menu in the UK

Subway has added tiger bread to its menu in the UK - and what's more, it'll be a permanent fixture on the menu from November 11th

Alex Roberts

subway tiger bread

It will be available in stores from November 11th

Subway has added tiger bread to its menu in the UK – and what’s more, it’ll be a permanent fixture on the menu.

Lockdown number two is now here. All your favourite pubs, bars and non-essential stores have closed their doors for at least a month.

However, it’s not all doom and gloom – particularly if you’re a carb connoisseur, a bread aficionado, or someone who just really likes eating at Subway.

The iconic sandwich brand, renowned for its variety of bread options, has announced that it will launch a new tiger bread version of the staple Subway sandwich in stores across the UK later this month.

Tiger bread was trialled at selected Subway stores earlier this year to great success. The brand have therefore decided to give it a permanent place on the menu alongside old-school favourites Hearty Italian, Honey Oat and Italian Herbs & Cheese.

Tiger bread is a crusty white loaf known for its tough, cracked crust and unusual pattern, which is faintly reminiscent of a tiger’s stripes.

From November 11th this year, Subway diners will be able to choose the new tiger bread for their sandwiches, and it’ll be available with all fillings in stores nationwide.

Subway say that, as with all loaves in its repertoire, the new tiger Bread is prepared daily to create the crispy Tiger crust effect.

Each Subway sandwich, wrap and salad is made in front of the diner, with freshly prepared quality ingredients.

In other fast food news, Greggs have put their festive bake back on sale for another year.

The restaurant and takeaway industry recognise the impact lockdown will have on finances.

Burger King caught the headlines earlier this week when they urged diners to order from McDonald’s and other fast food outlets, to help keep the industry moving through these testing times.