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06th Jan 2017

This photo of some ham will ruin your day, week and life

This will mess with your mind.

Tom Victor

Your year’s going okay so far, isn’t it?

The stresses of 2016 have gone, you’re doing more exercise, you’re eating better and you’ve generally turned over a new leaf.

It would be awfully inconvenient if something as inoffensive of a photo of a packet of ham came along and ruined that for you, plunging you right back into existential despair.

That would be terrible, right? What kind of person would inflict something like that on you, the unsuspecting reader?

Well, don’t say we didn’t warn you.

Reddit is a treasure trove of stuff we already knew and had forgotten about, stuff that we didn’t know and wished we hadn’t learned, and stuff that we thought we knew all about but actually never existed.

Its latest haul is what will invariably become known as The Notorious P.I.G. That’s pretty good, right? You can have that one for free, as a reward for reading this far.

So, the question: is this ham blurry or is it in focus?

It’s like #TheDress, only for cured meat. It’s like that photo of Bill Murray or Tom Hanks, only it’s actually more like Kevin Bacon. Yes, that was a meat joke. You should be thankful that there aren’t more of these.

Take another look. Are you any closer to an answer, or have you started to doubt whether your eyes still work? It’s the latter, isn’t it?

Sorry for ruining your weekend.