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15th Oct 2022

Food lover whips up ‘absolutely delicious’ steak and chips in the air fryer

Charlie Herbert

Food lover whips up 'absolutely delicious' steak and chips - in an air fryer

The results actually look banging

With the cost of living crisis looming large over millions, many people have looked towards alternative ways to rustle up their favourite meals, with the air fryer proving to be particularly popular.

And one foodie has really pushed the culinary boundaries by serving up a plate of steak and chips using just their air fryer, labelling the results as “absolutely delicious.”

Home cook Helen Westwood regularly shares foodie content under on her TikTok account @welshfoodgirlie.

She recently revealed her recipe for air-fried steak and chips and left followers thoroughly impressed.

To start off, Helen preheated her air fryer for three minutes, before tossing her chopped potato slices in a bowl with a glug of oil. She then added these to the air fryer basket for fifteen minutes, with the temperature set at 200C.

While these were cooking, she coated her steaks with rapeseed oil and seasoned them with plenty of salt and pepper.

After tossing the chips whilst their cooking, she then whacks two steaks on them once the 15 minutes are up, and sets the time for another 10 minutes, keeping the temperature at 200C.

A turn halfway through, and then once the time is up the dish is ready.

She plated it up with a fresh salad and plenty of coleslaw before tucking in, and, going off appearance, the steak looked just as juicy as anything you’d rustle up in a pan.

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Many of Helen’s followers voiced their wonder at the recipe and said that they would be giving it a go.

Several commented on how ‘perfectly’ the ‘banging’ steak was cooked.

One person wrote: “Now this is something I never would have thought of to put in my air fryer. Gonna have a go at this!”

And another air fryer expert had a recommendation, saying: “Put some sliced onions with your chip, gives it a nice flavour.”

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