Shopper finds 'sacks of wet eggs' for sale in Morrisons meal deal section 1 year ago

Shopper finds 'sacks of wet eggs' for sale in Morrisons meal deal section

Can I offer you a wet egg in this trying time?

Eggs are great. You can scramble them. You can fry them. You can poach them. You can boil them.


But what if you like them... wet?

Then Morrison's has got you covered. A photo of a big bag of 'wet eggs' for sale in a branch of the supermarket is spreading across social media, leaving confusion and disgust in its wake.


There is so much to break down here. So, so much.

First of all, why would you want to purchase eggs in this manner? Sure, some places like Pret sell those protein pots that have two boiled egg in, but they are dry, and not floating in ominous liquid.

Second, the label says "5 boiled eggs". But on closer inspection, there are at least 20 eggs in each bag. Why would anyone want or need 20 soggy boiled eggs.


Next, it appears to be in the Meal Deal section. Remember Meal Deals? Back in the before time when we used to work in things called 'offices', supermarkets would sell you a sandwich, a bag of crisps and a can of drink for £3. Now, are we in such a Fury Road timeline that instead of a Chicken Triple, we have to nourish ourselves with 20 wet eggs along with our Quavers and Diet Coke?

Understandably, people have been left baffled on social media.


One former Morrison's employee did offer up a potential explanation - apparently, it's "the stock that would usually be on the salad bar."


So yeah, that might solve the mystery of Sherlock Holmes and The Case of The Wet Eggs. If you are in need of a mass quantity of eggs and all that delicious egg water to wash them down with, get yourself down to Morrison's.