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13th Nov 2018

Morrisons are doing a Christmas sandwich with Yorkshire pudding instead of bread and it looks phwoar

Mercy mercy me

Rich Cooper

Morrisons have unveiled their latest Christmas creation, a Yorkshire Pudding Wrap

The supermarket chain are taking Christmas sandwiches to the next level by eliminating bread altogether, swapping it for arguably the best part of Christmas dinner, the Yorkshire pudding. Second only to roast potatoes, of course.

The new Christmas Yorkshire Pudding Wrap, which combines two of the nation’s favourites – traditional Christmas dinner and crispy Yorkshire pudding – is packed with turkey, pork sage and onion stuffing, cranberry sauce, sweet cured bacon, fresh spinach and mayo.

You can even bang it in the oven for a bit to get a little bit closer to that real Christmas dinner experience. It’s properly northern too – the Yorkshire puddings are being made in Leeds. None of those phoney southern Yorkshire Puddings. This is the real deal.

Ben White, Morrisons sandwich expert – there’s a job we’d like to have – said: “Everyone loves Yorkshire pudding and everyone loves Christmas dinner, so we are combining the two to create a modern classic. We’re looking forward to hearing what customers think but we hope that they’ll love it!”

The Yorkshire Pudding Wrap is available in stores now and costs just £3. Personally, I will be substituting all of my meals for this and will be sorely disappointed when Christmas sandwich season is over and I have to go back to regular food.

Morrisons have been upping the game recently. Just last week the supermarket announced the Builders Big Breakfast Butty, a massive breakfast bap that costs just £5. This followed the Big Daddy Breakfast, a 19-piece monstrosity that costs a mere £6.

Looks like we’re going round Morrisons’ house for Christmas this year.