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23rd Jul 2018

Mayonnaise ice cream is now a thing that exists, confirming humanity has collectively lost its mind

Rory Cashin


Why would you do this to us?

Legit, the only reason we think anyone would do this is because you’d then give it to someone else, who would gladly take a mouthful thinking it was just vanilla ice cream, only for it to actually be mayonnaise flavour, and then they never speak to you ever again.

And you know what? That would be the least you’d deserve for that kind of betrayal.

Listen, sometimes it is good to try out new things.

Remember that place started selling ice cream filled donuts? They totally worked. But that is because it was, fundamentally, still normal ice-cream.

But this is not that. This is something … else. Something … evil.

ICE Falkirk in Scotland have made this concoction, and we’re 100% not okay with it existing.

That is it. That is all we have to say about the matter. Unless someone out there has actually tried it and wants to report back? Because we’re not doing it. There are some lines that are just not meant to be crossed.

(They do also appear to do Strongbow Dark Fruits ice cream, and that looks loads better)