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07th Jul 2017

Ice cream-filled doughnuts exist and we demand someone bring them to the UK

So... much... deliciousness...

Rich Cooper

Ice cream. Doughnuts. What could possibly be better than ice cream and doughnuts?

You can see where we’re going with this, can’t you? Ice cream… doughnuts… a combination of ice cream and doughnuts… wait… Icecrdonuams!

What? There’s already a name for it? They’re calling them Halos?

Not quite as catchy as Icecrdonuams, but it’ll do.

B Sweet, a dessert bar in Los Angeles, has melded two of the greatest sweet treats into one even sweeter treat. A Halo is exactly what it looks like: a doughnut with a big ol’ scoop of ice cream in the middle.

And. They. Look. Amazing.

Through some heat-sealing culinary magic, the doughnut is nice and tasty warm while the ice cream stays cold in the middle – and let’s not forget the sweet, sticky glaze on the doughnuts.

They’re all custom made too, so you can choose what kind of filling you get in your Halo. Providing it’s ice cream, because if you choose jam, then son, you’ve just played yourself.

These doughnuts make us want to either drop to our knees and thank God they exist or curse him for putting them on the other side of the Atlantic. It’s not fair to make us look at such glorious food and not give us a taste.

So it would be really cruel of us to inflict the same pain on you, wouldn’t it?