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20th Oct 2023

Heinz says you’ve been making beans on toast wrong your whole life

Steve Hopkins

You’ve bean doing it wrong!

They’re one of the most popular dishes on the British menu – baked beans on toast.

But that doesn’t mean Brits know how to do beans on toast, proper.

It turns out that toasting bread and slathering the beans on top isn’t quite it.

There’s baked beans etiquette and a man in a Heinz-coloured v-neck, blazer, shirt and tie, has come to the rescue to help educate the masses on behalf of Heinz.

In a series of TikTok videos William Hanson, an etiquette expert, has spilled the beans on how to do the dish right.


This is not your local lido, how to serve Beanz on Toast @Heinz UK #etiquette #Britishfood #williamhanson

♬ original sound – William Hanson

This is not your local lido, how to serve Beanz on Toast @Heinz UK #etiquette #Britishfood #williamhanson

♬ original sound – William Hanson

In his video, Hanson announces he’s going to teach people how to eat beans on toast in a “quintessentially British manner.”

“When having beans on toast, don’t drown your toast with beans, this is not your local lido,” he says.

“A good butter, unsalted of course because we’re not heathens, will ensure it keeps its crisp crunch.”

So, if you’ve been emptying the can on a slice of toast, turns out you don’t know much about beans on toast.

Heinz even commented on the video, writing: “There are two types of people in the world. Those who add butter to their beans on toast and those who don’t.”

In another video, Hanson discusses plating and cutlery. Apparently, sold silver knives and forks can “react with the beans.”

People took issue with Hanson’s suggestion that unsalted butter should be used, with one person suggesting it was a “hate crime.”

One thing Hanson didn’t cover was how to eat the meal, which one person was quick to ask: “Yes but how do you eat it? I have friends that eat with their hands and others with fork and knife.”

While another person confessed they’d never tried the delicacy.

Paul ‘Beanz Expert’ at Heinz Told Cambridgeshire Live: “Beans on toast are a cornerstone of British cuisine but people still get it wrong or are unsure how to make it. Heinz has put together the optimum way to prepare the classic, putting processes to the test so people can enjoy the classic at home. Our simple instructions will guarantee tasty results.”

STEP 1: Place two slices of white farmhouse loaf bread in the toaster.

STEP 2: Store the can upside down, and shake for five seconds before use to ensure even beans to sauce distribution.

STEP 3: Warm beans on the hob for three to four minutes stirring constantly. Do not boil the Beanz.

STEP 4: Spread your butter evenly on the toast up to the crust.

STEP 5: Place toast on a plate. Pour on beans.

STEP 6: (optional) Grate cheese on hot beans and let it melt for 2 minutes.

Extra Tips from Heinz Beanz:

  • Store your Heinz Beanz at an ambient temp preferably 18°C.
  • Add your Heinz Beanz to a cold stainless-steel pan, stainless steel helps to preserve the iconic taste you know and love.·
  • Never boil your Heinz Beanz. This can cause the sauce to split, potentially ruining the colour and flavour.·
  • Heat your Heinz Beanz to 64°C for instant eating temp. 75°C if you need time to finalise your toast.