Heinz baked bean smoothies are now a real thing 1 year ago

Heinz baked bean smoothies are now a real thing

Part of any nutritious breakfast

Innocent Drinks have teamed up with Heinz to make a baked bean smoothie. Yes, for real, apparently.


Innocent are best known for their fruit smoothies - healthy drinks that are usually made of strawberry and bananas and stuff like that and have loads of good stuff in them.

This one, however, as far as we can tell, has baked beans in it instead.

The radical new product was announced in a tweet on Friday morning.



"BREAKING BREAKFAST NEWS. 57 problems but breakfast ain't one," reads the tweet. "We've teamed up with Heinz UK to make some new smoothies that are perfect for the mornings. Say hello to our new breakfast super smoothiez."


The Innocent Twitter account has spent the rest of the morning explaining to people that it is indeed a real product.

We don't have much more information at the moment, but they did confirm that the baked bean smoothie was to be served cold.


"The baked bean smoothie [is] to be served chilled, and not heated up like baked beans normally are."

The bottle says the baked bean smoothie is called 'Beanz Machine' and the label promises "Beans, beans, beans, beans, beans, beans, and more beans."

The tweet also announces another breakfast smoothie, 'Up and Oat', which is made from oats, apples, bananas and cinnamon, with vitamins.


Unsurprisingly, that is not getting the same shocked reaction as the baked bean smoothie.