Greggs are testing out a delivery system 4 years ago

Greggs are testing out a delivery system

The world of sausage rolls will never be the same again...

Greggs are trialling a new delivery service which if proven successful could see pasties sent straight to your door.


As reported in the Newcastle Chronicle, the pastry chain will be testing the service in Cobalt Business Park in North Tyneside.

The scheme, which has launched today, will see the 14,000 workers in the park able to order a selection of sausage rolls, pasties and sandwiches straight to their desks.

It's believed that more trial locations are being planned, and if the scheme is successful, Greggs could expand to nationwide delivery.

Greggs Pasties

Newcastle. We are begging you. Don't fuck this up.

Amy Carroll, communications manager at Cobalt said: "I am sure Greggs Delivered will provide a popular choice for our businesses catering for meetings and for people who just fancy a team lunch."


Greggs Delivered is currently being pencilled in for trials in Newcastle city centre, and Quorum Business Park,  as well as London and Manchester city centres.

A message for all the people where Greggs Delivered is being trailed. For the sakes of all of us: be they hungover, addled with student debt, or just in need of a good bit of warm grub. Please, please, please, show Greggs that this is popular enough to go nationwide.

This country needs more sausage rolls.

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