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24th Jan 2017

17 drunk chefs who are absolute masters of the art

Drunk cooking's a great idea until you accidentally burn down your house.

Alex Finnis

1. The resourceful chef who wouldn’t let a lack of utensils defeat him:



2. The guy whose drunk alter-ego is so fancy he decided to try and make canapés:

Image: imgur


3. The bloke who came home and thought “fuck it”:

Image: Twitter: @MitchellTulley_


4. The person who whipped up this beautiful quesadilla:

Image: Twitter: @natvance


5. The drunk dude who realised he didn’t have a tin opener:

Image: imgur


6. The person who probably thought they were an absolute genius when they invented the “Upside Down Pie With American Mustard and BBQ Sauce Sandwich”:

Image: imgur


7. The fucked-up being who created this:



8. The guy who clearly had big plans:

Image: imgur


9. The person who must’ve been just so confused:

Image: imgur


10. The guy who forgot his pizza, just as many have done before him:

Image: Twitter: @JackMorlenMusic


11. And the person who somehow managed to make the same thing out of pasta:

Image: Twitter: @lpag630


12. The drunk guy who was considerate to his hungover self:

Image: imgur


13. The fucking idiot who did this:



14. The guy who managed to ruin his dinner and his oven:

Image: imgur


15. The person who was so, so close:

Image: Twitter: @Trevor_Hartman


16. The drunk chef who couldn’t be bothered to actually cook, so left his Domino’s driver some special instructions:

Image: imgur


17. And finally, this person. Seriously, what the actual fuck?:

Image: Twitter: @THEESirCLOUD