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28th Apr 2023

Domino’s set up pizza stall in the middle of a Mexican wrestling arena

Jack Peat

Fights and feasts in an underground wrestling den

Domino’s revived an underground Mexican wrestling club in the heart of London this week for one night only.

Fighters from the renowned Lucha Britannia club convened in Shoreditch for a night of high-flying, high-energetic entertainment, with bouts spilling out of the ring and into a pop-up pizza bar at one point.

Hosted in the cavernous Village Underground in Shoreditch, hundreds of wrestling fans turned up to be entertained by the likes of Santeria, the voodoo god of the undead, and Disco Diabolo, the voodoo god of.. erm, the dancefloor?

El Pirana​ and Britannico​ were also among the fighters to take to the ring, with a host of celebrities in attendance too.

Spotted at the event were the likes of Maura Higgins, Faye Winters and Tallia Storm, Rickie Haywood-Williams, Sebastian Melrose and Kayla Rich.

Love Island’s Casey O’Gorman made a cheeky appearance too.

Lucha libre is famed for its unique style of wrestling and is characterised by colourful masks, rapid sequences of holds and “high-flying” maneuvers.

The wearing of masks has developed special significance, and matches are sometimes contested in which the loser must permanently remove his mask, which is a wager with a high degree of weight attached.

Tag team wrestling is especially prevalent in lucha libre, particularly matches with three-member teams, called trios.

The latest Lucha Britannia event kicked off with a trio, before feating some spectacular one-on-one games.

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The event, hosted by Domino’s, celebrated the launch of its new pizza The Ultimate Chicken Mexicana.

The pizza features brand-new ingredients including fragrant, slow-cooked, spiced pulled chicken, juicy tomatoes, crunchy onions, spicy jalapenos and green and red peppers.

All placed expertly by pizza chefs in stores on a bed of sprinkled mozzarella cheese, a swirl of vine-ripened tomato sauce, and of course, baked on Domino’s fresh dough – before being topped with a drizzle of luxurious spiced mayo.

Sam Wilson, Senior Spice Strategist at Domino’s said: “Inspired by the bold, fragrant and fresh ingredients synonymous with Mexican food, the Ultimate Chicken Mexicana will give Domino’s fans a taste of Mexico. It’s time to get your mates together and see who can handle the heat!”

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