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06th Feb 2020

Can this man beat the Triple Chilli Challenge?


How much food could you eat in ten minutes?

Ten minutes isn’t a massive amount of time. It’s not too much time to wait for a bus, most podcasts or TV shows are roughly three times longer than it and it’s less time than most types of food take to cook in an oven.

In terms of eating, there are quite a few things you could gobble up in ten minutes. A simple sandwich could probably be made and eaten in that amount of time. As could a bowl of noodles if you don’t mind burning the roof of your mouth.

Could you eat a burger in ten minutes? Probably. How about a fully loaded chilli hot dog? Also probably. A massive mound of chips and chilli and cheese? Perhaps. All three at the same time? Well that’s where the Triple Chilli Challenge comes in.

We sent Alex Roberts down to Meat Mission in Covent Garden, London to try out their Triple Chilli Challenge and below you can watch every minute of it in all its glory.