A cheese advent calendar is hitting UK supermarkets in time for Christmas 2018 3 years ago

A cheese advent calendar is hitting UK supermarkets in time for Christmas 2018

It's October, which basically means it's already Christmas

Never mind that we've got Halloween still to come. You don't get presents at Halloween, unless you're a child in a costume knocking on doors asking for sweets. If you are, treasure those memories, because life just gets steadily worse from there.


But put aside your existential dread for a second, because we come with good tidings: a cheese advent calendar is soon to hit UK supermarkets.

Traditionally advent calendars are filled with chalky brown squares of solid matter masquerading as chocolate, but tradition be damned. This delicious alternative countdown to Christmas has seven different types of cheese hiding behind those tantalising doors.


Mature Cheddar, Jarlsberg, Applewood, Red Leicester, Edam, Wensleydale with cranberries and a special Wensleydale with gingerbread will be taking you through to the 25th.

The calendar, produced by food blog So Wrong It's Nom, will be on sale at Sainsbury's (£10) on November 14 and Asda (£8) on November 15. Booths, a chain in the north of England (for all you southerners) will also be stocking the calendar.



The original calendar launched in 2016 as a DIY project for people to make at home. It was so popular that 11,000 people signed up to get a calendar in 2017. This year it's even bigger, launching in supermarkets in the UK, France, Denmark and Portugal.

So ditch the shoddy chocolate this Christmas and have this cheesy beauty hanging above your fireplace instead.

And by 'fireplace', we mean 'in the fridge'. You don't want melted cheese all over your stockings. Unless you do, in which case, there's no kink shaming here, friend. You do you.