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22nd Jun 2016

Ben & Jerry’s are making a cookie dough flavoured beer

Ice cream beer anyone?

Carl Anka

A beer that tastes like chocolate chip ice cream? Believe it.

Ice cream maker Ben & Jerry’s announced this week that they are to team up with beer makers at New Belgium Brewery to produce a beer that is flavoured like their iconic Cookie Dough ice cream.

The collaboration marks the second time Ben & Jerry’s have dipped their toe in the beer making business, after first releasing Salted Caramel Brownie Brown Ale last year.

The new beer, dubbed Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Ale, will be sold by the six pack and will be available to buy sometime this autumn. In an added touch, $50,000 dollars in money made from the new tipple will go towards Protect Our Winters (POW), a non-profit organisation dedicated to raising awareness around climate change.

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Ale

‘We are excited to be partnering once again with the good folks at Ben & Jerry’s and POW,’ said New Belgium director of sustainability Jenn Vervier in a statement.

Over with the Ben & Jerry’s people, and they were similarly pleased about bringing out a beer for those with a sweet tooth.

“Working with New Belgium Brewing and Protect our Winters to be able to impact climate was a highlight of 2015, and so, we’re doing it again,” said , Senior Global Marketing Manager Jay Curley.

“This new beer is delicious and unique and the issue of climate change is still increasingly urgent.”

Sounds like it could be a nice alcoholic treat for when the temperature drops. What do you think? Would you buy chocolate chip beer?