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18th Mar 2021

87 Million Pints Of Beer Have Been Wasted During Lockdown

Danny Jones

87 million. Never have so many tears been cried

According to the British Beer & Pub Association (BBPA) – which represent pubs and breweries all around the UK – a staggering 87 million pints of beer have been wasted since the coronavirus pandemic struck.

We are now into our third lockdown and although the end is in sight (just hold on until April 12, people), it genuinely does feel like a full year of life has been wasted at times. When it comes to pints of beer, that is quite literally the case.

In economic terms, the numbers are even more crushing. The beer wasted during lockdown is a serious loss of revenue for the UK economy; the importance of beer and the impact its absence has had cannot be overstated.

It estimated that each of those poor pints that have been poured away costs, on average, around £3.81 (in what magical universe, pray tell?). This means that a gobsmacking £331 million has been lost throughout pubs and the wider hospitality industry. I’d gulp but my throats too dry from the lack of beer.

The sector has been running on fumes since the first lockdown hit in March and, sadly, many businesses have had to close through lack of custom. Although grants and other financial aid has been given to help pubs and restaurants stay afloat during this difficult time, it can’t go on forever.

In the same vein, while the furlough scheme has been extended until September, the pot will dry up (like the pumps) at some point. That is another reason why it is so essential for the vaccine rollout scheme to stay on track: to help our beloved servers back behind the bar and help get businesses back on their feet.

We miss our friends, family; hitting the gym, getting our haircut; going to the match, and, of course, going to the pub. Keep calm and carry on. We’ll all back around a bench in a beer garden soon and, hopefully, all the rest of it by June.