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26th Apr 2019

The ‘world’s tallest bodybuilder’ makes The Mountain look tiny

Bodybuilder Olivier Richters is known as the 'Dutch Giant'. He stands at 7'2", making The Mountain from Game of Thrones look small in comparison

Alex Roberts

At 6’9″ and the reigning Europe’s Strongest Man, Hafthor Björnsson is rarely outmuscled by anyone

There’s a reason why he was cast as The Mountain in Game of Thrones. But stood next to the world’s tallest bodybuilder, Björnsson looks small in comparison.

Bodybuilder Olivier Richters is known as the ‘Dutch Giant’. He stands at 7’2″, and weighs over 300lbs.

Stood next to Richters, The Mountain is made to look a mere mortal.

Richters also recently made an appearance on Good Morning Britain, where he towered over presenters and then sat down to discuss what life is like as one of the tallest men on the planet.

Before gaining notoriety as the world’s tallest bodybuilder, Richters had his sights set on making it in a different sport.

He first played basketball, which obviously suited his frame. However, in 2008 the Dutchman suffered an injury setback which prompted his transition into lifting. Perhaps surprisingly, a basketball injury was also what spurred The Mountain on to take up weightlifting.

Although both have gone down slightly separate paths, their success is clear.

The Mountain took the top spot at this year’s Europe’s Strongest Man, performing a series of hugely impressive lifts such as the 350kg axle deadlift.

Alongside his bodybuilding exploits, Richters also runs a successful food business in his native Netherlands. As the world’s tallest bodybuilder, he even makes former Mr. Olympia Jay Cutler look absolutely minuscule.

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