Tyson Fury claims sport science and nutrition mean "f**k all" in hilarious clip 7 months ago

Tyson Fury claims sport science and nutrition mean "f**k all" in hilarious clip

The Gypsy King claims to have drunk two pints of beer prior to his first fight with Deontay Wilder

Tyson Fury has lashed out at the role sport science and nutrition play in boxing, claiming the disciplines mean "f**k all."


Speaking via Instagram live, Fury said he is proof that sport science is ineffective, given his physique juxtaposed with his status as the number one-ranked heavyweight on the planet. He also couldn't resist a dig at Anthony Joshua in the process.

Fury said: "In boxing, computer science and technology I don't think works because, take me for instance, I'm fat, I'm bald, people say I'm out of shape. I don't do any of that b******s with computers and numbers on a screen but yet, I always win.

"So it obviously means f**k all. There's a lot of fighters that suggest that as well."


Fury then proceeded to take aim at rival British heavyweight Anthony Joshua, who he deems a failure of sport science.

"When you look at the likes of Anthony Joshua who follows all them science rules and then you look at Andy Ruiz who didn't do anything apart from eat Snickers for the full two weeks that he had... He went in there and knocked him out. Probably didn't even train for the rematch and took him the distance."


Joshua suffered his first defeat at the hands of the Mexican Ruiz, a man with a much higher body fat percentage who openly admitted to living off chocolate bars.

"There's a lot of stuff to say that all the numbers and [sport] science doesn't really work in boxing. I don't think it does, anyway."

Tyson Fury's sport science jibe builds on a recent interview given to JOE at the Jake Paul-Tommy Fury press conference, in which Fury claimed to have consumed two pints of beer before his first fight with Deontay Wilder.


"Back in the past, men used to fight 20 or 30 rounds but they'd have a bottle of brandy before they went out there and had a fight. No one can tell me, not one nutritionist, conditioner, whatever they want to call themselves, all this new science stuff today...

"Men back in the day didn't have food to eat for three or four days and then fought 25 rounds. Today, we're a little bit softer than we were years ago."

While Fury may not care for the intricacies of nutrition, those around certainly do.

Earlier this year, JOE spoke to George Lockhart, The Gypsy King's nutritionist who also counts UFC stars among his clientele.

Lockhart revealed in detail the dietary plan he put in place, which led to Fury shedding 30 pounds in 30 days.


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