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02nd Sep 2015

This ‘superhuman’ 15-year-old boy was raised for a decade to be the ultimate athlete (Video)

He is an actual machine...

Ben Kenyon

Remember Ivan Drago from the Rocky IV film – the superhuman Russian who was engineered by science to be the greatest boxer on the planet?

There’s a real-life version in the form 15-year-old Josh McKenzie who has been raised since the age of five to be the ultimate athlete.

The New Jersey teenager has been created by personal trainers, isokinetic performance trainers, mindset coaches, nutritionists, sprinting specialists and a powerlifting expert to be the pre-eminent physical specimen in US sport.

josh mckenzie

Every training session, every meal he eats and every decision he makes is geared to cement his sporting dominance, say

He is the No.1 ranked football player and wrestler in his grade in the whole of America. He averages four touchdowns per game and nobody has beaten him at wrestling in three years.

In short – he’s a f**king machine.

Training started when he was five years old. He would sprint 50m carrying his older brother Matt on his back.

Now with a team of 10 personal trainers, his training programme has gone high tech.

His training programme includes traditional powerlifting – at 84kg bodyweight he can bench press 125kg and squat nearly 200kg.

McKenzie is a power athlete – this reflects in his training too, with resisted sprints and lots of weighted plyometric jumps to keep him strong and explosive. The lad can jump on top of a car from a standing start.

He even trains in a hypoxic mask, which looks like Bane from Batman, to restrict his breathing and improve his aerobic performance.

He eats 4,500 calories a day – including 175g of protein – and logs every meal down.

Every single aspect of creating the ultimate athlete has been considered.

“This is a superhuman being,” McKenzie’s strength coach Joe McAuliffe told “He hits so hard on the field he gave a team-mate a concussion at training and left an opposition player crying on the sideline.”

This is what he can do on the football field. Absolute beast…

Image source: Twitter