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04th Jun 2019

The Mountain easily crushes a 365kg deadlift ahead of World’s Strongest Man

The Mountain is the reigning World's Strongest Man. If these 365kg deadlifts are anything to go by, he won't be losing his title anytime soon

Alex Roberts

Game of Thrones actor Hafthor Björnsson is the reigning World’s Strongest Man

Ahead of this year’s event, The Mountain was finishing off his in-gym training. If these deadlifts are anything to go by, he won’t be losing his title anytime soon.

He made the 365kg lift look effortless.

The deadlift is arguably Björnsson’s best lift, although he doesn’t exactly struggle with many.

The Mountain’s deadlift history

Previously, The Mountain broke his own deadlift record twice. In one week. That’s a spectacular feat, made all the more impressive when you consider he trains around acting responsibilities.

Originally, he performed a 1042 pound deadlift while training alongside American powerlifter Larry Wheels.

The Mountain then went one better at the Arnold Sports Festival, in Columbus Ohio. He deadlifted a whopping 1046 pounds.

While his latest deadlift isn’t as jaw-dropping as these record-breaking lifts, it’s still evidence his training for World’s Strongest Man is progressing.

The overall deadlift record is held by Eddie Hall, who pulled a mammoth 500kg in 2016.

Deadlift form tips

If you’re wanting to boost your own deadlift, put these training tips into place:

  • With a slight bend in your knees, grip the bar with hands shoulder-width apart
  • Keep your back straight and neck in line with your spine
  • The bar should be over the middle part of your foot – not too far in front of the body
  • Keeping your back straight, drive through your hips and bring the bar up until you are standing upright
  • Imagine squeezing a golf ball underneath your armpits when lifting – this engages your lats and helps to control the weight when lifting

No one’s expecting world-breaking results anytime soon, but you’ll still be able to add weight to the bar.

This year’s World’s Strongest Man will be held in The Tachi Palace in Bradenton, Florida, from June 13th – 16th

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