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05th Jan 2017

Ex-wrestler Ric Flair is still deadlifting huge weights at the age of 67

Still got it.


Ric Flair might have officially retired from wrestling in 2012, but he never really quit.

The 67-year-old is still a regular sight in WWE circles in his role as manager to daughter Charlotte, and he continues to keep in shape whenever he gets the chance.

If you needed any proof, just check out this video of ‘Nature Boy’ lifting a huge weight which would intimidate plenty of men half his age.

Flair shared the video on Twitter, along with the caption ‘I will never retire’.

Of course, Flair isn’t the only one of wrestling’s old guard to keep in tip-top shape well into his seventh or eighth decade.

Vince McMahon, the boss of the entire promotion, is in his 70s but looking in ridiculous shape, as these photos from Muscle & Fitness magazine show.

Top-level wrestlers need to work hard on getting in shape when in the ring – and we can see that from the transformation undergone by former footballer Tim Wiese when he switched sports – but it doesn’t end with retirement.