Eddie Hall shares his 25kg weight loss transformation 3 years ago

Eddie Hall shares his 25kg weight loss transformation

The 2017 World's Strongest Man Eddie Hall has shed a serious amount of body fat

In a sport that is renowned for raw power and sheer size, carrying a bit of extra body fat is expected. But that hasn't stopped Eddie Hall from dropping over 25 kilos in a fantastic weight loss transformation.


Hall smashed the strongman duopoly of Brian Shaw and Zydrunas Savickas last year to win the world title. When JOE were invited up for a workout earlier this year, Hall showed no signs of stopping.

He put up a jaw-dropping 135 kilo log press for easy reps, and managed to throw 60 kilo dumbbells around as if they were peanuts. Aside from winning the World's Strongest Man title, Hall's other honours include hitting a 500 kilo deadlift.

When he reached these goals, Hall weighed around 194 kilos. Over the last few months, he's set about dropping body fat and the results are clear for all to see.

To burn so much fat, Hall has used a combination of resistance training, HIIT cardio and a controlled diet. This no-BS approach can help anyone get results.


Hall is proof that cardio does not need to be boring. Boxing, cycling, swimming and a mixture of HIIT variations keep training interesting. You won't find a treadmill in sight. If you're lacking the motivation to stick to a cardio routine then finding a fun way of burning calories is the way forward.

Although he may have taken a plate or two off the bar, weightlifting still forms the basis of Hall's programme.

Lifting free weights isn't just for gaining size and strength. Moving heavy weights around will also burn a huge amount of calories. It's simple science - the heavier an object, the more energy you use moving it. Heavy compound exercises such as squats and shoulder presses will also preserve muscle mass when dieting.


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