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18th Jun 2015

Could you survive off this new five-day fasting diet?

Live, fast and die...old

Ben Kenyon

Every week there’s a new diet claiming to lose fat off your belly, add inches to your chest or probably add a few 00s to your shopping bill.

But American scientists reckon they’ve come up with a diet that could slow down ageing and add years onto your life.

It’s supposed to boost your immune system and cut the risk of heart disease and cancer too.

The only thing it seems not to do is make your penis bigger, sadly.

Basically it’s a five-day diet that mimics fasting – so obviously those blue sky-thinking scientists at the University of Southern California called it the Fasting Mimicking Diet (FMD).

Closeup of fresh pizza with vegetables

They may not come up with the sexiest diet names, but last fasting diets could regenerate the entire immune system.

The new FMD diet they’ve dreamed up sees dieters only having to restrict calories five days in a month – the rest of the time they can fill their boots with pizzas, burgers and anything else you probably shouldn’t be eating.

The scientists said that actual fasting can be dangerous, so they developed the FMD which triggers the same effects.

All you have to do is the following…

Day One

You can only consume 1,090 calories with 10% protein, 56% fat and 34% carbohydrate.

Day Two to Five

Then cut down to 725 calories with 9% protein, 44% fat and 47% carbohydrate.

It sounds pretty tough. If this doesn’t sound like your bag, you could always eat fast and die young.

H/T Telegraph