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11th Aug 2020

This workout builds full body muscle without leaving the squat rack

With this full body strength and power workout, you can build every muscle group in the body without leaving the squat rack

Alex Roberts

Fed up seeing dumbbells lying around everywhere at the gym? Only have a small space in which to train? Have a rack and nothing else at home?

With this full body strength and power workout, you can build every muscle group in the body without leaving the squat rack.

Now gyms are back up and running (in England and Wales at least), it’s time to put your body through its paces and get back on track. A great place to start is this full body squat rack regime from personal trainer and bodybuilder Nathan Williams.

From squats to rows, this full body burner is sure to test your whole body.

Full Body Squat Rack Workout

Barbell Back Squat

A staple for any serious gym goer, the barbell back squat is a must if you’ve got your sights set on strengthening and sizing up your quads, glutes and hamstrings.

The benefits don’t end there, though. Barbell squats also increase core strength, coordination and contribute towards fat loss.

Barbell Overhead Press

The go-to choice for building boulder shoulders, the overhead press will also activate your upper chest. This is an area the vast majority of people struggle to target – even with incline bench presses.

When performing this exercise, just be conservative with how much you’re lifting. Always assume an upright position and keep your back straight.

As soon as you feel your lower back rounding, call it a day or reduce the weight. The crossover from overhead press will also boost your strength on the bench press. What’s not to like?

Inverted Row

This exercise may look easier than the others, but don’t be fooled.

Simple but highly effective, inverted rows work your back (lats in particular), biceps, forearms and traps. They also help improve your grip strength too, which will aid your performance on deadlifts and pull-ups.

Another bonus of this underrated move? Not only does it require little preparation, but it’s super versatile too – switching up your hand placement targets a slightly different portion of the back.

Barbell Reverse Lunges

Let’s face it, regular lunges aren’t a walk in the park, but these reverse lunges will really test your hamstrings and glutes.

Barbell reverse lunges are also a great move for building the quads and strengthening your core. They can also help improve movement imbalances in areas such as the hips, ideal for those that struggle with their mobility.

Give 8-10 reps per leg a go and you’re guaranteed to feel the burn.

Nathan Williams is a Grenade ambassador