'A protein to get you lean': JOE Reviews USN's Lean-8 4 years ago

'A protein to get you lean': JOE Reviews USN's Lean-8

Picking the right protein for the job is tricky business.

First you need to assess your body composition goals - are you looking to pack on huge size? Or do you want to get ripped?

Are you getting enough protein from food - or do you need to supplement masses of protein with powder to hit your macronutrient targets?

(And obviously, can you be arsed trying to wolf down a dry chicken breast straight after you've trained, or will a nice chocolate protein-packed shake be easier to stomach?)

If you're in the 'wanting to get ripped' category then obviously you're not going to want a mega mass gainer crammed full of carbs.

JOE has had a look at USN's Lean-8 protein which doesn't easily sit into a category - and certainly isn't a mass powder or an all-in-one.

The label says it's designed to support lean muscle gains - so strongmen and powerlifters might not plump for something like this.

But for keeping body fat down while building muscle, Lean-8 ticks the boxes.


It has not got a ridiculously high protein content at 20g per serving, but if you're keeping your calories in in check, it might not be a bad thing.

Reading the label, the powder has a diverse protein profile with whey and milk concentrate and soy isolate, for 'sustained release'.

Having slow and fast acting proteins makes the product quite versatile.

But what really caught our eye was Lean-8's low glycemic index (GI) carbs - rather than simple sugars, these carbs are slower release which is designed to maintain muscle glycogen for recovery.

The powder contains a full blend of vitamins and minerals - including magnesium to help protein synthesis.

That's the science part, but you're all wondering the million dollar question - what does it taste like? Well, we tested out the chocolate peanut butter flavour. And yes, it was as good (if not better) than it sounds.

The closest-tasting thing to peanut butter you can get, bar smearing a jar of Sun Pat across your face.

If you hate peanuts, the vanilla cinnamon bun flavour is pretty special too.