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Climate Change

26th Oct 2021

Vegan installs hand sanitiser dispenser ‘full of blood’ outside butchers

Kieran Galpin

Customers attempting to use the hand sanitiser station were met with a bloody surprise/Image courtesy of Hand Sanitiser

Is this a bloody brilliant idea?

In a bid to curb the climate crisis, two vegan activists have made it their mission to reduce the nation’s meat intake in what is arguably a smarter method than glueing body parts to motorways.

Referring to themselves by their first names only, Jane and Gaby – two recent creative advertising students from The School of Communication Arts 2.0 – put their lessons into practice outside butchers and fast food joints.

Filling a hand sanitiser container with a red, blood-like substance, the duo hopes to draw upon the idea that eating meat is one of the biggest threats to the planet.

“We thought that if the government aren’t going to take the climate crisis seriously and the role that the consumption of meat plays in this, then we would have to get the general public to take notice,” they told JOE.

“We thought hand sanitising stations were perfect as it taps into a current every day behaviour and also doubles up as a metaphor to show that the responsibility of eating less meat is in everyones individual hands.”

Given the state of activists’ relationship with the general public at the moment, you might think Gabby and Jane were subjected to vile abuse on the street. While one angry customer suggested they were going to report the duo, the pro-veggie pair say most people have been fairly receptive so far.

One lady, clad in a yellow raincoat, said: “I was initially shocked and confused. As I walked away I noticed that the branding and logo on the station had been tampered with and so I came back to read it again. I can’t say that I’ll never eat meat again but knowing that eating less of it could save 8 million lives in the future has really made me think about cutting down.”

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