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21st Jan 2022

Dermot O’Leary stunned by definition of ‘grassilingus’ sex term

Kieran Galpin


Anyone for some grassilingus?

Dermot O’Leary was visibly aghast during Friday’s This Morning broadcast alongside national treasure Alison Hammond. The dynamic duo interviewed two ‘Ecosexuals’ – and the chaos ensued from there.

Annie and Beth appeared on the popular ITV show via video link from their homes in San Francisco. The two began explaining the various ways you can have sex with the Earth, leading to both hosts trying to keep themselves from laughing.

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Wondering what an ‘Ecosexual’ actually is? Well, it’s been described as “an environmentally conscious person whose adherence to green living extends to their romantic and/or sexual life (particularly their choice of partner)”

Annie and Beth explained: “A lot about ecosex is just really paying attention, it’s allowing the sensual pleasure to multiply.

“You can be ecosexual and also heterosexual or homosexual or asexual, it just means that you enjoy taking pleasure with the Earth.”

The continued: “When you go for a walk, you’re giving the Earth a massage with your feet –  and you’re enjoying your E-spot. Your E-spots are eco-sexy spots like for example, appreciating flowers as the reproductive organs of the plants.

“You might even practice grassilingus, but that’s pretty advance!” they added, before O’Leary quickly chimed in.

He chuckled: “Well yeah, I don’t think I’m there yet! I mean, I’m open, don’t get me wrong!”

In her typical fashion, Hammond questioned: “Grassilingus, did she say?”

However O’Leary was having none of it and quickly replied: “She said those words yeah. But as it’s 9 o’clock, let’s maybe not explore what that means.”

He concluded: “Editorial team literally having a heart attack as we speak!”

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