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18th Apr 2024

Zendaya ‘loved’ filming three-way scenes in racy new film

Charlie Herbert

zendaya three way scene challengers

‘I felt very lucky’

Zendaya has said she “loved” filming the three-way scenes in her latest film, Challengers.

The actor stars alongside Josh O’Connor and Mike Faist in the raunchy, tennis film as Tashi Duncan, a young tennis prodigy whose career is brought an abrupt end by injury.

Tashi is married to Art Donaldson (Faist), who finds himself on an awful losing streak. To try and snap him out of his bad form, Tashi enters him into a tournament which will see him face off with her former boyfriend – and his former best friend – Patrick Zweig (O’Connor).

You can watch the trailer.

As you can probably tell from that, there’s plenty of sexual tension and chemistry between the three characters who make up a steamy love triangle.

One scene in particular has made headlines, where Tashi has a threesome with Art and Patrick in a hotel room, which prompts the two guys to start competing for her affection as they get older.

Whilst many of us probably couldn’t think of anything more awkward than having to film a sex scene, it sounds like Zendaya relished the opportunity.

Having starred in Euphoria, the acting superstar is no stranger to adult scenes, and she said she “loved” filming the intimate scenes in Challengers.

She told the Mirror: “The intimate scenes were so good I loved it. I felt very lucky to be partnered with those guys.”

“And whatever the moment, it always felt like they always had my back and I had theirs.

“We were so lucky to have a director in Luca Guadagnino who really encouraged us all to collaborate and to bring our own ideas.

“It was a really exciting creative process.”

Challengers is released in cinemas in the UK and Ireland on Friday, April 26.

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