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10th Jul 2018

WWE’s Seth Rollins called Scottish wrestler Drew McIntyre a sheep-s****** on Raw

Wil Jones

This is wrong for several reasons

WWE Drew McIntyre was born in Ayr in Scotland. Initially signing for WWE in 2007, he was a former Intercontinental Champion and Tag Team Champion, but was released in 2014. He then worked his way back up through the UK indies and TNA, and returned to WWE in 2017, winning the NXT Championship.

The important thing about this, is he is Scottish.

On Monday night, he appeared on WWE’s flagship show Raw. He is currently aligned with Dolph Ziggler, who is feuding with one of wrestling’s top stars Seth Rollins over the Intercontinental title.

Rollins came out to the ring, to call out Ziggler and McIntyre. And because wrestling is a predictable beast, their music hit, and they came out. They exchanged threats, as you’d expect. And then something weird happened (skip to 3:30).

After the standard verbal squabbles, Rollins says to McIntyre:

Why are you letting him lead you around on a leash? Oh, he knows your secrets. Tell me there are no photographs, man.

I know it gets lonely in Scotland, but there are only so many sheep to go around, Drew.

Yes, he basically called him a sheep-shagger.

And British fans got a particular kick out of it.

There are several things wrong with Rollins’ words. First of all, it’s a very childish insult, and calling anyone a sheep-shagger is not cool.

But also, that slur is usually hurled at Welsh people. So it’s also another example of Americans not knowing the difference between different parts of Britain (we should also add the the Welsh are wonderful, friendly people, and we find any use of that phrase repugnant).