Wretch 32 reveals powerful video for single "His & Hers (Perspectives)" 3 years ago

Wretch 32 reveals powerful video for single "His & Hers (Perspectives)"

His and her point of view

When Wretch 32 dropped his new album FR32 at the back end of last year it was obvious from the get go that it was some of the Tottenham rapper's best work. One track in particular that stuck out was the powerful "His & Hers (Perspectives)".


It tells the story of a couple embroiled in a heated argument and airing out their differences that centre around respect and infidelity. Showing just how volatile communication can be when love is involved, the accompanying music video is just as thought-provoking as the lyrical content itself.

Directed by BAFTA-nominated filmmaker Charlotte Regan, like much of Wretch 32’s music the video is intended to spark a conversation.

“Inspiration for the track came from me being stuck in the middle of an argument between two groups of friends, girls and guys, who went on a night out,” Wretch 32 explains. “I wasn't with them so I could only hear the story from the males’ perspective and the females’ perspective. It hit me then to make a record of a relationship, a couple seeing two different sides of the same thing; how the guy feels very insecure that she's cheating and the girl feels unloved, just the miscommunication of no communication.

"In terms of the video, with everything that's going on now in terms of violence and knife crime I wanted to show one perspective of where I feel violence and anger comes from. I wanted to put that out there so we are a bit more mindful of what we are putting in front of our children at home. It's easy to blame everything that happens outside of the home but as a parent myself, I want to look at mistakes I've made and how I can correct them.”

Watch the video for "His & Hers (Perspectives)" below:


FR32 is out now on Polydor Records and can be listened to here.