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07th Jul 2017

Why does Liam Gallagher have Love Island photos on his phone? This might be why

Liam loves a bit of Love Island, he does

Rich Cooper

There are two kinds of people: those who watch Love Island and liars.

Everyone’s watching it. Some ironically, some wholeheartedly, some because it’s all their partner watches, some because they’re massive Blazin’ Squad fans – it doesn’t matter why you’re watching, you are. What matters is whether you feel shame or not.

One person who has been completely unashamed in his Love Island fandom is Liam Gallagher, admitting that even while at Glastonbury he found time to catch up with all the antics in the villa.

“I watched Dizzee Rascal’s set from my room yesterday. And then I watched Love Island,” the singer told Jo Wiley. “That’s where it’s at. That’s what goes on, man.”

“I’ve had four years of doing nothing, you know what I mean? I’ve gotta do something and I’ve gone to the dark side and Love Island it is.”

Fair enough, really. If you’re sitting around the house doing nothing, you might as well watch a bunch of other people sit around a house doing nothing too.

So Liam’s a fan, clearly, but a recent Twitter post may have accidentally revealed that Mr Gallagher is an even bigger fan than previously suspected.

It all began when Liam was on a plane, taking a fellow passenger to task for smoking on the aircraft, in words that could only come from the mind of Liam Gallagher.

One of Liam’s followers then tweeted a picture of Liam doing the very same thing – smoking on an airplane, admittedly when Liam was much younger. Gallagher then screenshotted the pic and put tweeted it back out himself.

One eagle-eyed follower noticed something odd about Liam’s picture album, seen just below the image of him smoking. It featured a selfie of none other than Love Island’s Dom.


So why would Liam Gallagher have a picture of Dom from Love Island on his phone? There is a likely explanation, and it’s really quite boring.

It’s probably because he got sent the picture over WhatsApp. As someone pointed out, the pic was in an album called ‘My Girl’, probably referring to Liam’s girlfriend Debbie.

As iPhone users know, pictures sent to you over WhatsApp automatically appear in your photos, so there’s a good chance he just got sent the photo and it’s ended up in there.

Or maybe he’s a big fan of Dom. Someone has to be, I guess.