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12th Sep 2022

Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? contestant accidentally exposes filming secret while still in the hot seat


‘I’m not meant to say that, am I?!’

Very few gameshows have captivated TV viewers quite like Who Wants to be a Millionaire? as phrases like 50/50, use your lifeline and phone a friend have become a part of the popular lexicon.

The show has gone from strength to strength since its rebirth in recent years, and viewers were treated to a reveal of some of the show’s filming secrets thanks to a recent contestant.

The second episode of the new series of the Jeremy Clarkson-helmed show returned to ITV at the weekend, and ended with one contestant unable to finish her round.

On Saturday, Maria King from Accrington, had earned £4,000 when the klaxon sounded to signal the end of the episode.

However, viewers were quick to note that her response when this happened had inadvertently revealed a secret of the show.

As the lights in the studio turned red, Clarkson said: “Ah well, you know what that means?”

“I have to go and get changed,” King replied, before adding: “I’m not meant to say that, am I?!”

Her response brought laughter from the audience and Clarkson himself.

Clarkson responded: “That’s exactly what it means, because that’s absolutely right, I will be seeing you in about an hour’s time but for as far as the viewers are concerned you are going home, you are going to be panicking ‘oh no’ and then we will see you next week.”

He added: “So you are absolutely right that is the end of the show, you do have to go and get changed, and Maria will be back next time, it says on the autocue, to see if she can get further than – where are you – £4,000.

“Till then, take care, goodnight,” Clarkson finished, signing off the show.

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