Jeremy Clarkson makes dream-shattering error on Who Wants To Be A Millionaire 3 years ago

Jeremy Clarkson makes dream-shattering error on Who Wants To Be A Millionaire


It's almost as if Jeremy Clarkson didn't have a great track record of hosting TV shows. Part of a special seven-episode-long run to mark Who Wants To Be A Millionaire's 20th anniversary, Clarkson has provoked a strong response from viewers.


But a heinous error made on Friday night will probably characterise Clarkson's stand-in for Chris Tarrant, host of 15 years until the final episode aired in February 2014.

The new presenter told a contestant that his £32,000 answer was correct, only for it to in fact be wrong. Sterling.

If Alan's aspirations of millionaire-dom weren't crushed the mistake would be funny, particularly in light of remarks made by Siobhan Greene, ITV's head of entertainment, in announcing the reboot: "With TV legend Jeremy Clarkson asking the questions, frankly anything could happen."

Well it did.

On course to win £32,000, there was one question in Alan's way. Clarkson asked: "What type of wild animal is an ibex?" Alan wasn’t sure of an answer, and phoned a friend. He opted for "deer." Clarkson agreed with the decision so confidently he announced: "I’m not even going to look at the screen as I tell you you’ve just won £32,000."


Applause began, well done Alan, on we go. But alas, Jeremy was wrong. His screen showing the correct answer was in fact "goat."

Fuming (Credit: ITV)

He said: "Is it not a deer? Oh no, you’ve just lost. It’s a wild goat found in the Pyrenees."

Alan made a limp joke about using the Ask the Host lifeline. At least he saw the funny side.