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02nd May 2019

WATCH: Pete Davidson refuses comedy club performance after comments about Ariana Grande

Rudi Kinsella

Davidson believed that “disrespectful” comments were made about his ex-girlfriend Ariana Grande

Comedian Pete Davidson has refused to perform at a comedy club in the US following comments made about his ex-girlfriend, Ariana Grande, that he felt were “disrespectful”.

The Saturday Night Live comedian claimed that the host of the Stress Factory Comedy Club in Bridgeport, Connecticut made comments about Ariana Grande on Tuesday night.

In a post on his Instagram story, Davidson apologised to fans who were looking forward to seeing him, but said that he could not perform “under those circumstances”.

A video then emerged from the comedy club, where the host angrily claimed that he had done nothing wrong, and that he always had Davidson’s best interests at heart.

He said: “No way in the world would I ever disrespect any comedian… Pete Davidson, I didn’t disrespect you. Your security guy told me to say what I said. And if you’ve got bad security guys, you should fire the goddamn security guys.”

Certain members of the crowd shouted “Fuck you Pete”, while Davidson’s Instagram story played on a projector beside the stage.

Take a look:

Clip via TMZ